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Service Packages

We provide the experts to optimize your deployment, configuration, and operations

We know every organization has different challenges and our services packages are designed to be tailored to meet your unique needs. We've created service packages for three key areas to help with common challenges.


Deploying a new solution can be overwhelming. Our experts help take the stress out of the process and share best practices with your staff.

Implementation & Training

Our experts help accelerate the adoption of our solutions and enable your staff to use all of its powerful capabilities.


Our experts use their years of experience and hard larnt best practices to assistance to your team. We assist with the plan to improve your security posture and defend against cyberattacks.

Security Review

Our highly experienced experts work with your staff to review your security posture and identify any gaps.

Remediation Consulting

We help build plans of action for addressing your security gaps 

Implementation Reviews

Review and optimize your deployment to help ensure your team has actionable information.


Our security experts will work with your team to build custom signatures to identify threats unique to your environment.


Custom Signatures

Our automation capabilities to build signatures to identify security issues unique to your environment.

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