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About Squirrel

Squirrel Compliancy Solutions supports the following compliance/risk management frameworks:

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About Squirrel

Squirrel Compliancy Solution's network vulnerability assessment and management help enterprises understand their risk exposure then allows them to automate the remediation of those vulnerabilities.

Our solution provides customers with actionable information and situational awareness of their current security posture through continuous monitoring.

Squirrel is a Federal SBA Certified Small Business based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We are a corporate partner to the following organizations:


Our Values

Trusted Partner

We will conduct ourselves with the honesty and integrity expected by our employees, clients, and stakeholders.

Teamwork & Collaboration

We will execute our vision as a team, celebrating our successes and learning from our mistakes as one.

Meaningful Impact

Our solutions will provide tangible results for the security problems facing the industry.




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Meet Squirrel's Leadership Team


Gilbert Bollinger | Founder & CEO

Gilbert is a passionate leader devoted to delivering elegant solutions that simplify the problem of efficiently securing IT networks. Over the last 22 years, Gilbert has held a variety of positions at large private and public sector organizations. By collaborating with individuals throughout the industry, Gilbert has refined his perspective of the vulnerabilities and needs of the industry, and how technology could solve many of these problems. As the founder of Squirrel Compliancy Solutions (SCS), he’s using his extensive knowledge, skills, and pragmatic approach to tackle the cyber defense issues affecting IT environments in every industry.

Himanshu Shukla | Senior Advisor


Himanshu P. Shukla is serial entrepreneur, he has helped firms go public on the NYSE, make tender offers on the BSE and gained VC funding in the US, Gulf and India.  Himanshu was founder and served as Co-MD of a $128.8 Million real estate PE fund, is a patent holder and was a co-founder of an e-commerce company - InterRide (think Uber for limos 10 years before Uber) which survived the dot-com crash. Himanshu has been active in the IT sector advising an Indian IT services company on a successful strategy to take it public in the US after managing multiple acquisitions prior to listing.  Recently, he has worked with a digital storage company which has signed partnerships with global 1,000 companies and is providing high performance storage at sensitive pilots at Walmart-Mexico, US Army and the NFL-Las Vegas Raiders Stadium. In his private capacity, Himanshu has been an active citizen. He played a central role in the passing of the NJ Hate Crimes Bill and served as Chairman of the Hudson County, NJ Planning Board for 5 years during which time Master Plan for the redevelopment of the waterfront across from Manhattan Island was formulated. Himanshu is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering.


The Honorable George J. Hochbrueckner | Government Relations

Former United States Congressman Hochbrueckner, founded and heads a Government Lobbying Firm, George J. Hochbrueckner & Associates (GJHA), Inc. He represented eastern long island, NY both in Albany as a State Representative and then in the United States Congress.  Hochbrueckner currently also serves as "of Counsel" to Nossaman LLC, a California based Law Firm which merged with O'Connor & Hannan, a respected Washington DC law firm. An engineer by training he worked prior to entering public service on the development of an electronics system for the F-14 fighter. As one of a small number of engineers who has served in the US Congress with a defense R&D background he was assigned to the Armed Services Committee where he was chairperson of the Research and Development sub-committee. Hochbrueckner has special expertise in Defense and Energy technologies and has post his congressional career represented a variety of companies, including Northrop Grumman, Telephonics, Luminati Aerospace, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Globecomm, FuelCell Energy, HelioSage Energy, Electronics Transaction Systems among many others. 


Fran Trentley | Advisor

Fran Trentley leads Akamai’s Global Security & Government Services. He is responsible for the integration, operations and customer success for Akamai “In the Cloud” (ITC) Security Services, for which he leads and supports a team of security specialists worldwide who are responsible for the identification, defense and response to application-layer, DNS and network-based attacks against Akamai customer assets. His team also supports hundreds of government customers with Internet- and Intranet-based services. Fran is an Akamai’s Danny Lewin award recipient demonstrating his embodiment of the spirit of the company’s founder. A distinguished combat veteran with over 20 years of military experience, including assignments integrating intelligence support systems at the Defense Intelligence Agency and C4ISR systems for the U.S. Army. Fran served as the White House Communications Agency Chief Information Officer where he supported converged VIP communications and was responsible for the most comprehensive technology modernization effort in the Agency’s history, earning him induction into the Hall of Fame. Fran has both a Bachelor and Master of Science in Computer Science.

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