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Squirrel Defender
Analytics-Driven Risk Management

Squirrel Defender, improves your security posture quickly and efficiently.

Squirrel Defender supports the following compliance/risk management frameworks:

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Compliance Monitoring

Our solution provides interactive remediation to automate the implementation of security controls. This capability further decreases the time for vulnerabilities to be corrected and reduces your attack surface.

Built-in Remediation

Our service allows you to audit your environment daily (or more often) to improve situational awareness of your security and RMF posture.

Improve Staff Efficiency

By automating time-consuming audits, we allow your staff to increase focus on the mission and operating your organizations network infrastructure.

Our service automates the tedious manual process of determining if network devices are configured in accordance with the appropriate RMF security controls.

Hours to perform 52 audits per year

Screenshot 2020-02-28 at 17.21.01.png

Per Thousand Hours

The level of effort required to assess and maintain network infrastructure is a significant barrier to operating secure environments. The estimated time to assess compliance with the appropriate RMF security controls is one personnel hour per device per audit*.

Our service enables assessment of a device in under 7.5 seconds**.


Number of Devices

* Based on assessing all appropriate regulatory standards for all appropriate components of each device

** Performance can vary between customer environments based on the number of interfaces and server resources.


Squirrel Compliancy Solutions makes it easier than ever to secure your network. We are proud to participate in the Cisco Solution Partner Program.

Our service enables assessment of a device in under 3 seconds.

Know your network better than your adversaries.

Solution Benefits

1. Automates the auditing of network devices based on the latest regulatory requirements

2. Automated remediation of user selected violations to further decrease level of effort

3. Updates with new audit policies during the subscription term

4. Updates audits as regulation bodies revise or add requirements

5. Maintains capability through staffing changes

6. Subscription includes onsite and remote support

7. Minimizes the staff workload and operational overhead

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